Help needed by Art Student

Just had a phone call from a student in Carmarthen , see below. It would be nice if members donated birds free of charge as we would just throw them away anyway. Bob Francis

To whom it may concern, I'm wondering if you can help me out. I'm a second year art student hoping to incorporate some taxidermy into my work. I wondered what you did with any deceased animals and whether you would consider selling any to me for taxidermy purposes. I realise that this is a very unusual request but I would be grateful if you would consider it. My name is Emma Thomas and I'm a second year student at coleg sir gar in Carmarthen Hi, my contact number is 07428770186. If owners could pop them in the freezer for me that would be helpful. I can arrange a parcel delivery service to collect though regular post is fine (I'll cover costs). If posting, the post office ask what the contents are. I usually just say sausages! Thanks in advance, Emma